Chicago Sailing’s J/30, Traveller remains one of our most versatile and popular offerings. What sailors really love about Traveller is that she is easily handled by both novice and experienced sailors alike. She will accommodate groups of 6, yet can be comfortably handled by two. This is why Chicago Sailing continues to use Traveller as our preferred training vessel for sailors making the jump to inboard-powered cruising vessels. Traveller makes it easy and fun to learn the handling of a modern auxiliary cruiser.

Traveller boasts a full cabin with cooler, enclosed head, and six adult-sized berths. You and your guests will find her enjoyable for hours at a time. Traveller packs a lot in just 30 feet, and she is easy on the budget too. Traveller comes complete with furling jib, self-packing mainsail system, all current U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment, VHF radio, and anchoring tackle. The decks are enclosed in lifelines and pulpits.

Step Up To A Larger Vessel

  • Length: 30′
  • Sail Configuration: Furling Jib, Stackpack Main
  • Capacity: 6
  • Engine: 27 HP  Inboard Diesel
  • Accommodations: Head, Radio w/Aux, Icebox

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