Diesel Engine Workshop

Tackle the monster that lives under your companion way...

Chicago Sailing’s Diesel Engine Workshop is back by popular demand!

Get your hands dirty while learning the Ins & Outs of your marine diesel engine with this two day hands on course.  Under the guidance of Patrick Markham (North Shore Marine Services) we will completely disassemble a modern Yanmar marine engine, while examining the different components & condition along the way.  There is no better way to understand your engine, than by taking it apart!

But what happens after the tear down? We put it back together!  The second half of the class takes place in the spring, our instructor Pat will have sourced the needed replacement parts, and thats when the real fun begins.  In one day we will reassemble the engine, add the necessary fluids, then fire it up!  Upon completion of this class you will be able to diagnose and repair some of the most common issues that marine engine owners face.


Have an engine that needs a rebuild? We are always looking for donor engines!  Get a professionally rebuilt engine for a fraction of the cost!

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Course Information

Course Duration: Two 6hr days
Prerequisites: None!
-November 2nd 2019
-March 14th 2020 Assembly
Cost: $575 per student (includes lunch on both days)
Engine: Yanmar 2GM or 3GM (TBD)

Course Objectives

How do diesel engines work?
What are some of the common problems boaters face?
How do I properly maintain my engine?
What are the warning signs of wear?
What repairs can I do myself?

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