Large Group Charters

More than 6 guests? No problem!

What is a large group charter? A large group charter is for parties over 6 guests in need of a Sailboat Captain to enjoy sailing on Lake Michigan. The process below walks you through the details of having a large group charter with Chicago Sailing.

Step 1: Verify the number of guests in your party
Although our pricing is not based per person, it is used to ensure we select the appropriate vessel for the safety and enjoyment of your group. Large group charters, or “Bareboat Charters” are required by the US Coast Guard for groups larger than 6.

Step 2: Date and Time of the reservation
We suggest that you have at least two different dates or times when calling to book your reservation. Our reservations fill up quickly, so if your original date and time is not available it is helpful to have an alternative. It will save on extra phone calls and you will be able to continue booking your reservation with the Reservation Specialist you are on the phone with.

Step 3: Choosing the best sailing vessel for your group
Chicago Sailing has an expansive fleet ranging from 22′ vessels to 53′ vessels. For the purposes of large boat charters only our 32′ vessels and greater are able to be reserved. These vessels allow us to accommodate the size of your party in a very price efficient way.

More than 12 guests? Easy!
If you have a group over 12 people, why not go out in style on your own personal flotilla of boats? Our flotilla option is both affordable and luxurious. Chicago Sailing custom-builds each outing for your group, giving your participants the personal attention they need. Flotillas provide a relaxing venue for adventure, bonding and fun. Guests will experience the thrill of sailing the vessel or relaxing aboard under the guidance of a friendly licensed captain. Chicago Sailing will work closely with your group’s coordinator prior to the event to tailor-design your event to your specific requirements to ensure your event will be a resounding success!

Let us make your dream group outing a reality!

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