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Chicago Sailing is a U.S. Sailing accredited school, we teach to the highest standards in sailing and guarantee our lessons will make you a competent sailor.

Learning to sail is fast, easy, and fun at Chicago Sailing. You will become an accomplished, confident skipper in just a few sessions of on-the-water training. Our classes are comprehensive and certified to the highest standard in the industry, those of US Sailing. We also have the largest fleet of training vessels in the greater Midwest, meaning that we offer the most opportunities for on-the-water training. Soon you will be joining the thousands of sailors who have launched their sailing adventure at Chicago Sailing.

US Sailing Certification

US Sailing Certifications are recognized by charter and rental operators around the world.  With the US Sailing Certification system, anyone can learn to sail. We offer four levels to help you sharpen your skills and gain confidence. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to take our Basic Keelboat course which will introduce you to the important concepts and give you time at the help. During the course, you’ll work with an experienced instructor who will  provide you with opportunities to practice and direction to help you improve.

Looking to sail to new horizons? US Sailing’s Basic & Bareboat Cruising classes are your ticket to adventure!  We teach both certifications as one class on a 5 day trip cruising around Lake Michigan.


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