Youth Sailing Lessons

Fun & Exciting Sailing Lessons For Kids 8 & Up

Youth Sailing Lessons

Learning to sail is fast, easy, and fun at Chicago Sailing. You will become an accomplished, confident skipper in just a few sessions of on-the-water training. Our classes are comprehensive and certified to the highest standard in the industry, those of US Sailing. We also have the largest fleet of training vessels in the greater Midwest, meaning that we offer the most opportunities for on-the-water training. Soon you will be joining the thousands of sailors who have launched their sailing adventure at Chicago Sailing.​

Youth Sailing 111

Chicago Sailing’s Basic Sailing 101 is the fun way for your child (10 – 16 YO) to learn all the skills necessary to skipper a modern sailboat safely and confidently. In just five 3-hour sessions, your child will launch into a lifetime of discovery and adventure.

133: Sails & Sports

Chicago’s premier sports camp. Your 8+ year old will learn to sail and enjoy first-class training in multiple sports. In just one awesome week (9-5), your child will learn valuable new skills that are challenging, rewarding and fun. Marvel at their smiles as they develop new levels of athleticism, sportsmanship, and confidence that will serve them forever.

222: Youth Adventure Sailing

Chicago Sailing’s Adventure Sailing 222 is designed to launch your newly trained sailor on a lifetime voyage of discovery and adventure. Under the guidance of their professional instructor campers will sail to lakefront destinations by applying the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to their sailing experience. In just five 3-hour sessions, your child will widen his/her develop a sense of adventure and accomplishment, making them eager to chase new horizons.