Adventure Sail

Adventure Sail

Chicago Sailing’s Adventure Sailing 222 is designed to launch your newly trained sailor on a lifetime voyage of discovery and adventure. Under the guidance of their professional instructor campers will sail to lakefront destinations by applying the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to their sailing experience. In just five 4-hour sessions, your child will widen his/her develop a sense of adventure and accomplishment, making them eager to chase new horizons.

What could be more fun than on-the-water learning adventures in nature’s outdoor classroom?
Is there a more effective way to learn?

Safety, fun and adventure are the priorities at Chicago Sailing. Students are supervised by our team of professional instructors and wear approved life jackets whenever on the water. Placement in this class is subject to approval by the Sailing School staff.

Course Information

Course Duration: 20hrs
Prerequisites: Serves & Sails OR Youth Basic Sailing
Scheduling Options: Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm
Cost: $460
Vessel: J/22

Course Objectives

– Boating Safety and Rules
-Advanced sail and boat handling
-Measuring the forces of nature
-The physics of sailing
-Mechanics of boat handling
-Marine geography, weather, environment
-Basic piloting and trip planning

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